English to Japanese translation

Is there anyone who can translate this to japanese for me? I can never tell if google translate is right or not…

"Congratulations David and Mieko! May you have a long and amazing life together"

Blink tonight, erections will ensue :)@

Blink tonight, erections will ensue :)@

Anonymous said: Hello(:

hey :) come off anon :)

Insanely bored

Kik/snapchat/skype - screamblinklove :)



Birmingham, England


How bad can a good girl get?
Reblog+follow for my kik (;

Snapchat Truth or Dare?

Anyone wanna play? it’s simple enough rules - just like the normal game but in picture form. One person starts off with the question “truth or dare?”, then the person replies, then a truth or dare is given with the response having to be in picture form. Along with the picture should be the text “truth or dare? to start the next go :) There are no rules apart from that, all is game :)

If you wanna play - screamblinklove




Blink-182 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! on We Heart It -

mark <3


Blink-182 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! on We Heart It -

mark <3

looking like a sweaty fool on bass in this. I miss my band, summer needs to hurry up so we can gig again :)

put on nearly a stone since being home

I need uni to start again soon. and a much smaller food intake -wobbles then sighs-

Come watch this Tinychat:

Come watch this Tinychat:

Awesome gig at the Asylum 2 in town on the 26th July, come see!

Gig at Asylum 2 venue in Birmingham - July 26th 2012

Straight Out Of Line requires a support band ASAP

If you are in/know of a band that will gel well with the pop-punk/alternative rock nature of the main band, please get in touch.

Or if you just wanna come see good music -